Commercial Brackets

Edge Protection - Commercial Bracket

Another speedy alternative to traditional edge protection systems, the commercial brackets offer the same versatility and high standards that is associated with all Edge Protection Systems.

The EBC Commercial Edge Protection Bracket System is suitable for DHS or timber purlins, concrete tilt panels, concrete floors and timber mid floor construction. It is suitable for face mounting where there is little or no roof overhang.

Our expert installers will set up the system for you, in no time and meeting the highest safety standards.

Why choose it?

  • Safety first. The bracket is rigorously tested to meet safety guidelines as per AS/NZS4994.1:2009 standard.
  • Affordable, quick and simple solution as compared to traditional systems.
  • Easy to store and transport as the brackets are stackable.
  • Suitable for roof pitches from flat to 35 degrees and compatible with timber rails (SG8 90×45) at up to 2.7mtr bracket centres as well as aluminium and galvanised scaffold tube at up to 5.4mtr bracket centres.