Re roofing contractors in Auckland For Commercial & Residential Roofs

If you are looking to re roof your home or commercial property, as your roof is damaged and cannot be fixed or is aged and needs a face lift with a re roof to enhance the over all look of your property and weather tightness, whatever may be the reason make sure that you invest in the right re roofing solution that suits your roof, durable, hassle free and is within budget.

At Rooftech we pride our quality Re Roofing services. We have been providing re roofing services in Auckland for nearly 30 years, delivering only the highest standard of workmanship. Our work is recognised by our clients and made us a preferred roofing contractor when it come to Re Roofing in Auckland.

Rooftech is committed to providing high quality residential re roofing and commercial re roofing in Auckland. We work in partnership with owners, architects and consultants to provide the right roof. We outlay the entire process and take you through the process from start to finish. Once you are satisfied and understand the process and know what to expect is when your re roofing work begins. This ensures process clarity for all and re roofing results that will leave you happy.

As a business owner or home owner

Before selecting the re roofing contractor there are few things you must take into consideration like,

  • Experience of the Roofer and time in business
  • How well does the re roofer handle complaints
  • Transparency, Completeness and how professional is the estimate
  • One must make a judgment based on the quality and number of projects done and not solely on the price point. You might get cheaper quotes but this may cost you in the long run
  • Must ensure that the re roofing company is a registered building practitioner.

Rooftech offer a wide variety of re roofing options Longrun Re Roofing, Replacement of Concrete Tile roofing systems to Light Weight Metal Roofing system, Asphalt Shingle removal and re roofing to metal longrun sheet. Rooftech is a member and is a licensed building practitioner, we ensure that we make the re-roofing process easy and hassle free for our customers. Rooftech takes into account the recent law change from Work Safe Nz for working on heights, where the owner of any property has the equal responsibility to ensure all practical steps are taken while working on heights. Rooftech now offers it’s own Edge Protection System approved by the Work Safe Nz

Re-roofing is a highly technical process that uses your current structure and truss, it may require repairs and fixes  that need to be carried out or replacements or additions needed to give the support to the new roof going in place of the old one. Using an experience re roofer like Rooftech will ensure that the re roofing is carried out correctly, the guidelines followed and re roofed in a professional manner, so you get a quality and safe roof over your property.

We offer a free measure and quote for a re roof, so take advantage of our professional re roofing services and give us a call

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