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Is your roof is leaking? ridge caps leaking. Maybe you just want to give your tired old house or a business property a practical and value-enhancing face-lift?

You may not have noticed but your roof is always working for you. But unfortunately, it’s all too easy to forget about your roof until damage starts to show.

Re-roofing may seem daunting to both home and business property owners, especially if the damage done by weather, time and neglect has left your roof in complete shambles.

What are some signs that your roof needs replacement?

Re Roofing

Don’t make a call on whether you need a roof replacement or not without an expert opinion. Our team provides a no-obligations, consultation and quote for re-roofing or roof painting.

We offer re-roofing or roof painting services for commercial and residential properties.

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Our re-roofing process

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Can we carry out our business as per usual or continue living in our home while re-roofing is in progress? Should we wait for summer to re-roof?
These questions and more. Answered in our FAQs section. Or connect with our friendly team today.
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Re-roofing extras

Once your old tiles or rotting roof has been removed, you have the opportunity to have the below installed.



Keep your home or office warm in winter and cool in summer with the right insulation. Insulating when the roof is off is efficient and cost-effective.

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Bring warmth and light into your commercial space with the addition of a skylight. This option is not available for home re-roofing projects.

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Our re-roofing projects
From churches to commercial industrial buildings and warehouses, and homes of all sizes, we have a varied experience in re-roofing them all.