Residential Metal Roofing Services In Auckland – “Roofers You Can Trust”

Your home is a major investment and we at Rooftech are a reliable and professional Residential Roofing company that want you to be comfortable with your roofing choices.

Rooftech understands the investment you are going to be making, and this is what drives us to deliver a quality residential roof that not only makes you proud of, but also one that we are proud of. To ensure a quality Residential Metal Longrun Roof’s, Rooftech uses products of proven quality and of the highest standard.

Rooftech is a qualified Residential Metal Roofing company and covers all aspects of Residential Roofing when it comes to New Roofs, Reroofing, and Roof Extension to your Auckland home, when you need a full roof replacement, our residential roofing experts are there to help you make the right choice.

With the changes in the weather we are witnessing in Auckland rather in the entire country the tornados / twisters, the harsh sunshine and at times damaging weather, the roof takes a lot up there, we need to ensure that your residential roofing solution provides you a sturdy and reliable roof which is essential for providing shelter and protection for your family and your home.

We offer all types of Residential Metal Roofing Services


New Roofing

New home waiting for Colorsteel Longrun to be installed


Re Roofing

With Edge-Protection System

roofer auckland

Roofing Extensions

Duralume Steel – (Non-painted Steel)


Roofing Insulation

Upgrade your ceiling insulation when re-roofing

Quality residential metal roof, Quality customer experience 

  • You would ask as to why we should choose Rooftech for our Residential Roofing.
    Well it starts with communicating in an open & honest manner.

  • We do not keep any hidden agendas. Rooftech will provide you with a full on-site inspection.
    If it’s a roof repair we will advise accordingly the type of roof repair needed, whether it is a full replacement or a small repair

  • If it’s new roof or roof extension, Rooftech in conjunction with you will review all options and make recommendations on the roofing system based on your budget, style and needs this is done by our residential roofing experts by carrying out an extensive and comprehensive inspection, our residential metal roofing experts study the information thoroughly in order to arrive at the right solutions for your residential roof
  • You can trust Rooftech to build your perfect Residential Roof with confidence.
    For the past 27years Rooftech has been in the Residential metal Roofing Industry, we are well known in the industry as being Metal Roofing specialists and deliver roofs that not only add style but aim to increase its overall property value, so be it a new roof, re-roof or roof extensions making contact with Rooftech for your residential roofing project will be a sensible decision towards a long term investment.

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