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Commercial and residential roof painting

The roof is crucial to your building’s structure, but often ignored when it comes to maintenance. This could cost you a lot more in the longer run as failure to upkeep can result in damage that may lead to your roof needing replacement.

Metal roof maintenance includes roof painting, a service that requires skills and specialised equipment to ensure safety and quality results. At Rooftech, we have been offering roof maintenance and painting services for more than 35 years. Whether your roof is fading, losing its water resistance or just needs a fresh coat, our experts are here to help. From flat roofs to A-frame roofs, we have the right skills to deal with them all. Our roofers are licensed, insured and some of the most experienced in the roofing industry.

We offer roofing services that breathes new life into deteriorating roofs, improves their appearance and adds longevity to your roof.

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What is included in roof painting?

Roof painting is more than just applying a coat of point on the top of your home. It is a good opportunity to clean your roof and fix the broken or rotting parts. It is also a good time to address the cleaning and fixing of your guttering. Painting and regular maintenance of your roof, home or business, not just returns its lost sheen, but also adds a layer of added protection from the elements.
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From churches to shops and warehouses, and homes of all sizes, we have a varied experience in painting Auckland roofs.