Commercial Skylight

Commercial Skylight

Skylight Installation, Commercial Skylight

Skylight is a process of making an opening in the roof or ceiling; this is then fitted with Polycarbonate Roofing, for natural light to flow through. A skylight can be fitted on most commercial properties with a pitch over 3 degrees.

From a modern project to a contemporary one or your property is historic that has stood the test of times, Rooftech with its unmatched knowledge and expertise has the capability to deliver a Skylight to the requirement.

Rooftech provides, installs and replaces worn out and old Polycarbonated Commercial Sheets. We have a wide variety of skylight commercial profiles which are designed to standards and customised to the clients needs. We install Skylights that are energy efficient and are UVA & UBV certified and are hassle free and low on maintenance; the commercial skylights we install are of high quality products that will make the best use of the sun penetrating through your roof.

Installing a skylight and having the natural light flowing through the roof creates an ambience which cannot be achieved by un-natural lighting, an overall enhancement of your property be it residential or commercial, this also helps in reducing energy costs, it is estimated that you can save up to 70-80% on lighting using your skylight effectively.

When installing a skylight ensure that you get a professional on your roof that can finish the work in all aspects, as a poorly or incorrectly installed skylight can cause damage to your roof, leading to cracks and leaks, and thereby increasing condensation within the property, instead of cost saving you could land up spending more on energy and fixes.

Rooftech work with only top manufactures and install products that will match your needs and more importantly we take into account what type of skylight is best suited for your roof that can give you maximum advantage. We will help you and guide you as to which Skylight is suitable for your home or commercial property ensuring you get the best outcome for your home or your business.