Edge Protection System

Get the edge on construction safety with Edge Protection System. We rent and install these cost-effective fall protection bracket safety systems & components at various work sites.

The versatile Edge Protection bracket systems are an alternative to traditional scaffolding. An “off-the-shelf” safety solution, they are AS/NZS4994.1:2009 compliant. The Edge Protection system is suitable for multiple or single story work sites and completely reliable in preventing fall hazards associated with working at a height.

According to Worksafe NZ guidelines, you must provideedge protection on all the exposed edges of a roof, including the perimeter of buildings, skylights or other fragile roof materials, and any openings in the roof. This also applies to openings and edges of floor areas.

The Edge Protection bracket systems are designed to meet these requirements. With several years of roofing experience, our team is skilled and proud to offer installation and rental of this practical and easy-to-use safety system.

Whether you’re a home owners, builder, plumber, painter and or roofer’s or anyone who works at heights and needs an edge guard, we can help. We install and rent four types of Edge Protection bracket systems, all manufactured to the highest of standards.

Why choose us for Edge Protection System?

We have been in the roofing business for nearly 30 years and understand the importance of safety. We are highly experienced and will install and dismantle the Edge Protection System at your work site.

The products itself are of extremely high standard and changing the way the industry is complying with height safety. Here are some reasons why the Edge Protection System is superior to others.