Metal Roof Flashing Services

Metal Roof Flashing Services Auckland

Flashing is a method to deflect water or break around discontinuities or objects which penetrate from the roof; strips of metal that are formed to weather proof the edges of roofs and walls. Roof flashing is placed around pipes, chimneys and the edges of the roof to deflect the water away from seams. Flashing are used in the following areas,

Rooftech provides flashing to small residential projects to large commercial roofs or to any small flashing projects. We get our flashing custom made for every project, depending on the needs of the client, so you receive the perfect flashing, they are Pre-painted and are in steel, aluminium, zinc, copper and stainless steel and vary is lengths and thickness.

Extensive Repairs

We carry out extensive work on Fold Internal Gutter, back tray flashing for pipe penetrations through roof, Spinner way vents.

If you have a skylight installed and find a leak it is likely that your flashing has aged and needs attention or has not be installed correctly. If you are installing a new skylight you still need to get a flashing done by a professional like us, we will also install you skylight and flash the roof, so you get both under one roof.

Wall flashing is found at points of structural support, if the water penetrates the wall from the back outside, the wall flashing will have to be embedded in a wall or it should be applied in such a manner that the entry of water into the wall is prevented and care should be taken to prevent the entry to the building structural framing components. The Flashing should be extended to the exterior wall finish.

Rooftech specialises in Roof flashings we waterproof pipes, supports, cables, and all roof protrusions. Our flashings have proven to be long lasting and most reliable roof flashing types.

We ensure that we incorporate flashing that is carefully engineered and constructed so that the water is directed away from the property and not inside. If the Flashing is installed in-correctly the water can be directed into the structure and can cause damage to the property in the long run.

So call us today or just drop us a line and our experts in Roof Flashing will answer all your questions.