Metal Sheet/ Long Run Roofing

Metal Sheet/Long Run Roofing

Long Run Roofing, Trim 5 Roofing Profile

Long Run Roofing solutions are a great alternative to Metal Tile or Conventional Tile Roofing to add that flair and style to your roof. Long run roofing and cladding have been part of Kiwi roofs for years, this just refuses to age and thus has become a Kiwi Icon for its cost-effectiveness and being a versatile roof product, it’s here to stay….

 Long Run Roofs or Corrugated Roofs have gone through major advances in design and construction these roofs look more elegant and are durable than their predecessors, with several options and colors to choose from these Long Run Roofing options have gained immense popularity amongst homeowners.

Long Run roofing has various applications from residential roofing and cladding, Bull Nosing, Commercial Roofing, and Cladding, Rural and Lifestyle Blocks, and much more the list just goes on…

Long-run roofs are available in Zincalume, Galvsteel, Colorsteel Endura, and Colorsteel Maxx.

The Long Run products Rooftech uses are aesthetically pleasing used in Residential roofs; commercial roof and wall cladding applications have excellent spanning capabilities and adds great value and appearance to any project.

We can cater for low pitches as we employ a clip fixing system that can be used down to a minimum pitch of 3 degrees (as per the manufacturer’s specifications).

If your roof is a trapezoidal profile that needs to achieve roof pitches down to 3 degrees we will do the job.

When it comes to Commercial Roofs, more or less the commercial roofs require longer lengths; we use products in roll forming sheets that can be run onsite to any lengths. A fixed trapezoidal profile, these sheets have clean lines of a concealed fixing system and spanning capabilities of the commercial pierce.

With Rooftech you will get the right Long Run product that suits your roof, be it Commercial or Residential.