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A constant debate over Metal Tiles and Concrete Tiles, which one should I go for, shall I stick to the conventional tile or put my money on Metal Tiles or Steel Tiles.

There are quite a few reasons to choose Metal Tiles not because we install them but because they are affordable, lightweight and high quality roofing tiles, listed below you will find out the benefits and the value of a metal tile or steel tiles so you can make an informed choice.

COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel is baked-on paint finish this design helps it to impede flaking, peeling and fading thereby delivering long-term, low maintenance performance. Non-combustible, lightweight and secure, COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel is designed to protect your home for many years to come.

A high grade Metal Tile are designed to withstand environmental extremes, be it a storm, hail or a down pour from the heavens, giving you the much needed peace of mind. Metal tiles interlock and overlap panels which are unique to metal tiles these are then secured with a horizontal fixing system so they remain in their place. The tile surface are Fastened that provide reasonable resistance to high winds preventing it from lifting from Gail forces like winds. Being of high quality metal it can withstand high storm damage in the form of hail, they are not susceptible to cracks though you can witness dents, hence a roof leak can be avoided.

Why would you stress the structure of your Property with heavy weight? Take some weight of the shoulder of your house and you could land up saving Money by using a Metal tile, which is light weight as compared to a conventional tile; a metal tile weighs just 1/16th of the weight of a conventional tile, as the tiles are lighter the structure requires less timber for your roof truss, hence you can save money on the timber.

Rooftech deals with leading manufacturers that offer high quality steel tiles, Rooftech has garnered a reputation for pressed metal roofing tiles installation, we have been installing metal tiles on all types of roofs be it residential, commercial, the metal tiles that we use are light weight and versatile and come in various colours to choose from, giving your roof the perfect finish and aesthetics

Metal can be recycled and used, unlike the conventional heavyweight roof tile, so let’s make a conscious effort to minimise in whatever way we can to sustain our environment. When making a choice keep your environment in mind. These steel tiles are not just environmentally friendly but provide the much needed protection to your house without the added weight.

Metal Tiles are manufactured from Zincalume® steel, the paint applied is of high quality that gives excellent colour retention and these metal tiles can be installed on any roofs that are suited in in almost any area or along the cost lines, hence they are long lasting.

Glen Brydon is a knowledgable and conscientious person who takes great pride in what he does. This extends to producing a quality finished product for his customers. Glen has very good levels of communication with all levels of the construction market. His experience , along with his commitment to Health and Safety, should mean any customer of Rooftech should have full confidence that a good end result will be achieved.
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So for your next new roof installations, re-roofs and or roof extension, call Rooftech For an No Obligation free Quote the Metal Roofers of Auckland will install the right metal tile roof as we are a Metal & Steel Roofing Specialist or simply drop us a line and our experts in Metal Roof will be of assistance to you.