New Roofing

Construction & Installation

Your New Roofing Contractors in Auckland

Before you contract out for a new roofing project, ensure that your new roofing contractor is a licensed building practitioner. The new rule states that a new roofing contractor that issues a certificate of completion has to be issued by a registered & licensed building practitioner. Rooftech is a registered member of the licensed building practitioner and follow the guidelines set out while undertaking a new roofing project.

Rooftech specializes in installing new roofing systems on new builds whether Residential New Roof or Commercial New Roof in the Auckland area. Whether you are building a new home in Pukekohe or New Roof in North Shore or you need a new roof on your residence in West Auckland, we have professional new roofing roofers just for Your New Roof. If a New Roof is properly installed by a new roofing contractor your new roof should last anywhere between 15-25 years given the climate and weather conditions of Auckland.

Rooftech employs the services of only in-house skilled new roofing roofers for all new roof Auckland projects. We never hire transient roofers and our new roofing roofers have the industry experience to carry out the new roofing contracts. We put our new roofing roofers through training programs and constantly upgrade their skills and knowledge to help them keep up with the newer and ever-changing technologies and industry standards.

Making the right choice in regards to your new roof has a lot to do with the success of your project and with the results you achieve, hence you require an experienced new roofing contractor to help you and guide you. Rooftech plays a vital role and comes in to help you and assure you so that you make the right decision with materials and maintenance for your new roofs

Our process for New Roofing

Initial consultation with you and understanding the plans drawn out by the Architect for your new roof.

Working with you on your New Roofing budget and what would suit your new roof, style color, keeping in mind the budget.

The different Roofing Materials available for your New Roof, e.g.

Discussing the various stages involved, taking you through the entire process of construction, stage wise from start to completion. Estimated completion date, weather permitting. So if you are looking for a New Roofing Contractor we are just a click or phone call 021 192 6584 away and we are on our way to build your new roof.