Roof Cladding

Roof Cladding Residential – Long Run Industrial Roof Cladding

If you need expert advise on Caldding whether it is Long Run Industrial Cladding Service & or Long Run Residential Roof Cladding, Rooftech are an expert when it comes to Cladding Services

If the building is under the scope of E2/ASI there is a requirement to install horizontal wall cladding onto a cavity batten system to achieve a 20mm air space between the back of the cladding and wall framing on all walls in accordance with NZBC E2/ASI.

Our installation is carried out in accordance with recommendations from the manufacturer

We take utmost care when transporting the sheet and check for sheets if they are damaged during transport or have any effects of storage. In either of the case if the sheets show any sign of damage we will not install these sheets.

Roof Cladding Repairs

If there is a problem or your cladding seems damaged avoiding repairs will only cost you more in the long run. Call us today and put a fix to you’re cladding to stop leaks and prevent serious damage.

If you’re living with damaged asbestos cement this can be dangerous for the health and safety of everyone who works in the building, we can securely strip and will re-sheet your cladding that will give you and your workers a healthier and safer work place, also stripping and re-sheeting can help you add value to your property by making your building look better from both the inside and outside.

Minimal disruption to your business

We understand the importance of time and that the business must carry on, so we ensure that your work doesn’t stop when we carry out the cladding contract.

Go Green & Save on Energy Bill with Insulation.

Adding Insulation between the two cladding sheets will reduce heat loss through the cladding walls. This can help you cut down on your energy usage and save extra money.

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