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The Roofing Store is one of the leading residential and commercial metal roofing suppliers in New Zealand. From long run roofing, architectural designs and rainwater products to ridging, flashing and other accessories, we’ve got you covered no matter what your roofing needs. In addition, all our steel products are available in a wide range of our KiwiColour pre-painted steel colours. 


Zenex+ offers extremely high durability and formability, outstanding gloss and colour retention while providing the ultimate in weather and chemical resistance as a result of exceptional molecular bond strength. Utilising polyvinylidene fluoride paint technology, Zenex+products are ideal for severe marine environments while offering an extended warranty if used in moderate environments.


Vitor+ has a highly durable coating designed to give maximum colour retention and high formability. Utilising a prime advanced polyester paint system, Vitor+ products are for intended use in moderate and severe environments at least 100m from the coast.