TRS 3 1

TRS 3 profile is a versatile profile, which can suit most residential and commercial roofing and cladding projects, whether for its low pitch capabilities or its visual appeal. With it’s concealed fixing system makes it ideal for harsher environments. A variety of coatings are available to suit environmental and aesthetic criteria. Grade G300 steel with minimum 0.55mm BMT



All fixings and fasteners are to be of an approved type, compatible with all materials, the environment and meeting the requirements of the NZ Building Code. Installation is to be in accordance with the NZ Metal Roof and Wall Cladding Code of Practice or manufacturer’s instructions. Fix every crest to: Ridge, Hip, Valley, Gutter and Periphery area. Underlay as per the project specification is to be used.


An independent laboratory was employed to ensure KiwiColour complies with the AS/NZS 2728:2013 performance requirements. The laboratory had the following findings: “KiwiColour Vitor+ and Zenex+ products are manufactured overseas** and distributed in New Zealand by Kiwi Steel. Kiwi Steel engaged an independent laboratory to assess KiwiColour Vitor+ and Zenex+ products against the corrosion resistance performance requirements of AS/NZS 2728:2013.”

“In accordance to AS/NZS 2728:2013 Product Type 4 is suggested for use in corrosive environments
up to and including ISO 9223 Category 4‘High’ (coastal/low salinity). Most populated areas of New
Zealand fall within this category and only off-shore installations, geothermal areas, specific industrial environments, direct beach fronts and beach fronts with high wind and surf exceed this corrosivity category in New Zealand.”

“From the results available KiwiColour Vitor+ and Zenex+ products conform to the performance requirements of Product Type 4 in all aspects of salt spray performance and humidity resistance. Other product specific properties such as coating thickness, gloss and cross hatch adhesion also fall within the requirements of Product Type 4 (Gloss Category 2).”
All KiwiColour materials are available on Masterspec. ** Steel manufactured overseas and roll-formed in New Zealand.


To ensure compliance with international and local regulations regarding chemical composition of our KiwiColour pre-painted steel, the full range of KiwiColour paint systems were tested for lead content by SGS, one of the world’s largest internationally recognized independent inspection, verification, testing and certification companies. These test results showed no lead content present in any of our KiwiColour paints.


ZINCALUME® coated steel is readily paintable using good quality primers and water-based acrylic topcoats. Paint manufacturers’ instructions should be followed.

Specification At a Glance

Minimum Roof Pitch 4 Degree
Effective Cover 410mm Max.
Overall Width 412mm
SPANS End Span G300/0.55 BMT 1300mm
Internal Span G300/0.55 BMT 1600mm