Bracket for Re-roofing

 Re-roofing Bracket

Choosing an edge protection system that doesn’t damage the building is an important consideration when setting up height safety systems for re-roofing.

The Edge Protection EBR bracket system is custom built for jobs where cladding and soffit disruption are not possible. While it is particularly suitable for re-roofing, it can also be used for some new builds, solar installation or roof painting jobs.

Adjustable and thoughtfully designed, it provides clearance of both fascia systems and guttering. It uses non-slip neoprene pads to secure on the fascia board, without actually damaging it. It has an adjustable base jack on the ground so the tension is placed under the soffit via a vertical pole attached to the bracket. It comes with a standard fully-adjustable foot mount, but for sloped soffits and exposed rafters, extra multi bracket can be provided.

Why choose it?

  • Fast and easy to install/dismantle compared to traditional scaffolding. We hire the Edge Protection System out, and we also install/dismantle it for you.
  • Meets the highest safety standards as per AS/NZS4994.1:2009 guidelines.
  • Suitable for roof pitched from 3 degrees up to 35 degrees and meets the unique requirements of almost all work sites.
  • Stackable, easy to store and transport.
  • No interference with wall framing and no damage to existing cladding or soffit.